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Annual Boiler Service by Boiler Service London

If you know that your boiler pressure is suddenly dropping or rising, or if the pressure remains too high for prolonged periods of time, it may be time to consider a boiler servicing. Signing up to a Boiler Service London gas boiler servicing contract could be a real life-saver if something goes wrong when the temperature outside drops, as well as a great way to reduce boiler service cost. At Boiler Service London you will receive an annual service and support via telephone or online if your boiler is not working.

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Service London Engineer

All of our engineers are gas safe registered and fully-trained to install the boiler of your choice at Boiler Service London. Our gas safe registered staff will work hard in order to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

At Boiler Service London the cost of fixing a boiler can range from £150 for a small repair to several hundreds of pounds for larger scale fixes or replacement parts, so having your boiler serviced can help mitigate spiralling repair costs.

Maintenance And Support From London Team

You can take out a maintenance and support plan from Boiler Service London, if your boiler is out of guarantee and you have not already taken out a plan. Boiler Service London provides you with maintenance and support services to help keep your boiler properly maintained, supported and in good working order.

All property owners who lease their premises to tenants or use them for commercial purposes are required by law to have all of their gas appliances serviced by a gas safe registered engineer. You should only get your boiler serviced every year by a gas safe registered engineer from Boiler Service London or other certified companies.

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